About us

C. Wang Register Accountant has been offering entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses a strong helping hand in almost all fields that are important for successful business operations.


Annual accounts, government spending, advice on finance, administration and auditor's statements.

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Calculating salaries, drawing up payslips and payout lists and taking care of annual statements, arrears and audits on accounting and introducing various mutations.

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Start a company, business plan, financing, second opinion, strategic thinking and entrepreneur scan.

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Declarations, handling objections or resolving tax issues, sales tax, corporate tax and income tax.

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We fulfill the role of financial and fiscal doctor for a wide variety of clients.

We look at entrepreneurial issues with a sober and critical eye and actively participate as a partner in entrepreneurship. In addition, we always have a common goal of sound financial administration and a healthy corporate structure. According to our customers, fast, expert, reliable and creative solutions are our strengths. We distinguish ourselves by showing courage and by getting the most out of it. We take work and worries out of your hands, which means that entrepreneurs can take maximum action.